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From MDR and IVDR devices to algorithm-based SaMD products, mdeg offers you the right cloud solution for all risk classifications (I-III). Contact us and together we will find the right Cloud Solution for your product and its requirements.

mdeg’s Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructures for MDR & IVDR devices must meet the highest requirements for safety and reliability.
The mdeg Cloud Infrastructure meets both requirements by:
… following our “data source is data sink” philosophy we host national clouds to ensure that data remains within one jurisdiction
… hosting our cloud infrastructure in ISO 27001 certified data centres and being ISO 27001 certified ourselves
… providing redundant hosting of your system in at least two independent data centres per jurisdiction
… providing preventive protection against national legal changes such as the downgrading of Switzerland as a third country
… ensuring cost-efficiency by providing the right hosting infrastructure subscription for any risk level

 Generate Added Value through Connectivity

 mdeg‘s Out-of-the-Box Features for Remote Device Management

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