mdeg’s lean process to innovate your active medical devices

There are various ways to innovate active medical devices, but one with a very high potential: connectivity! Once data flows from the device to the clinical staff, manufacturer, and service, the full potential is unleashed.

  • Read the user and usage statistics to improve the efficiency for everyone.
  • Read KPIs and offer new Business Models such as Pay-per-Use or Subscriptions / Leasing / Renting
  • Receive automated notifications to act quickly and proactive towards the customer. Be informed about low stock of consumables, remind mandatory Standard Safety Checks first.
  • Use our Remote Service to identify and estimate severity of malfunction remotely.
  • Read KPIs and use it to proof Performance and Safety of the devices in the market. That is also valuable information for the Active Post Market Surveillance.

Business development, technology and regulatory requirements are complex, diverse and time consuming… but this is what mdeg is all about. We have developed a lean process to start quickly and grow fast without reinventing.

In the jungle of digital transformation, our Navigator helps to identify the individual potential, find the USPs and determine between must have and nice to have functionality.

Our Starter-Kit guarantees a Showcase and PoC within days to show the full potential of one medical device with three use cases implemented in seven days. Have we already mentioned that the solution is generic?

The Connectivity Solution allows fast implementation and rollout of your innovative features. Choose from a lightweight feature rich hosted service to a white labeled multi tenant instance only for your company.

Our Video Assisted Service is a tool that enables your service team to remotely film a device in a timely and cost efficient manner. It quickly connects to nearly any smartphone or tablet camera. Your team can effectively identify problems, or guide and train remote staff.

We are a young company specialized on the connectivity of active medical devices and engineering services for embedded software with large experience on STM32, ESP32, various RTOS, safety critical systems, wired and wireless interfaces, and agile implementation. We’re located in Baar, Switzerland and Freiburg, Germany.

Do you want to innovate your medical device with our lean process? Or do you look for a trustworthy embedded software development team? We’re just one click away.

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