Our mission

Sustainability for us is more than communication

As mdeg, we aim for the highest quality and performance standards while striving for sustainability. Genuine sustainability requires above all the implementation of agreed measures that give equal consideration to us, our children, and our environment. The SDGs confirm the principle of sustainability as the only strategy for securing economic, social, and ecological success in the long term.

We therefore commit ourselves to adhering to this principle for ourselves and our customers.

Actively living sustainability

Since our foundation, we have lived sustainability as an active part of our daily activities by committing ourselves to the following sustainability principles:

We, as mdeg, see ourselves as an active member of society.


To the same extent that we benefit from society, we also want to give something back. For each employee, we sponsor a social/ecological project of their choice. Our current sponsorships:

Jung & Krebs supports young people suffering from cancer through community actions, self-help groups, and wish fulfilments.

SALEM International Togo trains local multipliers in natural medicine, organic farming, and sustainable forestry.

“Tiger heart … when parents have cancer” is aimed at families in which one parent suffers from cancer. Tigerherz wants to help the whole family by advising the parents in this difficult situation and responding to the needs of the children. A short introduction video of Tigerherz can be found here.

We regard family and leisure and working hours as equal parts of life.


This is why we promote family-friendly working time models. Only healthy, satisfied, and active employees are able to offer our customers the best support and innovative solutions – day after day!

We believe in sustainable success through continuous development of our employees.


New legal and technological trends and developments cause us and our customers to constantly face new challenges. In order to always be optimally prepared for new tasks as mdeg, we commit ourselves to at least ten days of further education and training per employee per year. With this investment in our employees, we increase the expertise of the entire team and promote sustainable employee development.

We face the ecological consequences of our daily actions.


For this reason, we are committed to favour environmentally friendly means of travel and transport. This includes the use of public transport, small cars, and the payment of CO² compensation wherever possible. We have set ourselves the goal of continuously reducing our ecological footprint through the use of environmentally friendly and socially responsible materials and resources.

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