MEDICAL GRADE Development Kit

MedTech CONNECT Development Kit

Discover the future of medical technology and diagnostics with our MedTech CONNECT Development Kit, an end-to-end solution for seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art connectivity features into your medical devices (MDD/MDR) and diagnostic devices (IVDD/IVDR). Designed for manufacturers, healthcare professionals, lab personnel and technology enthusiasts alike. It has everything you need to enter the digital age quickly and securely and to meet the requirements of applicable standards and norms.
With the MedTech CONNECT Development Kit you create the digital infrastructure – the basis for your future success.
Once established, the digital connection of your devices enables you to optimise your processes based on data, to develop new sources of income, to improve your service or to automate large parts of active post-market surveillance.
Harness the full power of the mdeg Cloud
At the heart of the MedTech CONNECT Development Kit is the mdeg Cloud Solution, our state-of-the-art platform that provides users with secure, centralised data storage and advanced analytics. The access to the mdeg Cloud Solution included in the Development Kit provides you with real-time access to your device data, on the basis of which you can implement your own features such as over-the-air updates, predictive maintenance and much more.
By default, the mdeg Cloud Solution also enables you to integrate with third-party systems and also supports you in complying with applicable data protection regulations with information and solution proposals, e.g. for establishing the principle of “Privacy by Design”.
Unleash the digital potential with the mdeg ConnectBox – your medical grade modem
Secure wireless communication with the MedTech CONNECT Development Kit, thanks to the mdeg ConnectBox. A hardware module specially developed for active medical and diagnostic products that serves as a modem. As an external module it guarantees the fast connection of your installed base and as an internal module it guarantees the future-proof connection of all future product generations.
The mdeg ConnectBox is designed for reliability and performance and ensures secure data transmission between your devices and the mdeg cloud. This allows you to access important information in real time, monitor device performance and ensure regulatory compliance (e.g. active PMS).
Enhance your devices with the Service App
Improve user experience and service worker efficiency with our intuitive Service App that streamlines device management and optimise on-site service processes. Our app enables seamless onboarding of your devices into your customers’ IT infrastructures.
Comprehensive documentation for regulatory compliance
We know how important it is to proceed in accordance with applicable norms and standards in the medtech sector. Our MedTech CONNECT Development Kit provides you with a complete set of IEC 60601 and IEC 62304 documentation, giving you the resources and materials you need to develop and implement your own medical grade connectivity solutions.
Get started today!
Join the ranks of medical device manufacturers, professionals and tech enthusiasts who trust the MedTech CONNECT Development Kit for their Medical Grade Connectivity Solution. Don’t miss this opportunity to digitally connect your medical devices and optimise patient care with our cloud solution. Order your MedTech CONNECT Development Kit today and unlock the full potential of connected devices!
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