We develop and innovate your new Medical Device for you

Development and innovation have always gone hand in hand. This is especially true for such an innovative industry as medical technology. Almost no new medical product comes onto the market without innovations.

Today, innovation means, above all, digital innovation. In order to meet the increasing demand for new digital medical products, connectivity solutions, digital enhancements and automation capabilities are being implemented.

This is why we have positioned ourselves exactly at the interface of medical technology and digital innovation.

We would be pleased to provide the management and development of your new product generation for you.

Our team is at your disposal with over 60 years of combined professional experience in the following areas:

In all our development and innovation projects, we work according to current standards such as: ISO 60601 (R&D), ISO 62304 (Soft-Fwdev.), ISO 13485 (QM & Doc.), ISO 14971 (Risk), ISO 62366 (Usability).

With our extensive partner network we can support you in further in areas such as mechanical, electronics, prototyping and approvals.

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