What if…

…there was a tool that enables your service team to remotely view the defective device in a timely and cost efficient manner?

Good news, there is!
mdeg Video-Assisted-Service (VAS) offers just that! The telephony-based video solution allows your service team to access the video camera of the calling smartphone to get a detailed picture of the affected device. All from the comfort of your office.

What’s special is that our Video-Assisted-Service is 100% web-based. There is no need to pre-install any software or app. This applies both to you and to your calling customers. You can start right away!


The advantages are clear…

In summary, Video-Assisted-Service increases operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

Test the mdeg Video-Assisted-Service for one month free of charge in the demo version! Further information can be found under “Price”.

mdeg Video-Assisted-Service in 3 Steps



Video-Assisted-Service DEMO

1 Month free
  • Single User License
  • Live Video
  • Live Chat

Video-Assisted-Service BASIC

6 Month Contract
  • per Month
  • Single User License
  • Live Video
  • Live Chat


on request
on request
  • Multi User License
  • Live Video
  • Live Chat
  • Snap Shots
  • Documentation
  • White Labeling
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