Welcome to the jungle of digital transformation!

The future of medtech? … is digital!
The way there? … full of challenges!
The solution? … the mdeg Navigator

The advancement of the personalisation of medicine and the individualisation of patient care is leading to an ever-increasing demand for data – data that only digitised medical devices can provide.

The goal is therefore clear, but the path is not. A multitude of open questions regarding the technological, economic, and regulatory implementation make the path to digitisation look more like a jungle than a fibre optic line.

You might be looking for the right way through this jungle of digital transformation and are asking yourself the following questions:

  • What could a meaningful and profitable digital extension of our medical products look like?
  • What data is required and where do we get it from?
  • How does the competition react?
  • How can the new digital products be technically realised – make or buy?
  • What could suitable data-based business models look like?
  • What regulatory hurdles need to be overcome

Make use of our mdeg Navigator – the digitisation check for your company. It bundles our entire competence portfolio and provides you with orientation and motivation for the first steps out of the jungle of digital transformation. Further information on project duration and prices on request.

With the mdeg navigator

… you can make your way through the jungle. The key success factor: The digital potential of your devices

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