Clientless Remote Video Support

What if…

… your service teams could remotely view and analyze defective equipment in the market directly via videotelephony?

EmergencyEye from COREVAS GmbH & Co. KG first revolutionized the emergency communication and is now continuing its success story in other industries. It has the potential to transform your customer service in the medtech industry as well as the use of EmergencyEye in the service of the Swiss Post shows.

The solution, based on video telephony, allows your service team to use the video camera of the calling smartphone to get a detailed video of the affected device. All of this works from the comfort of your office.

What makes EmergencyEye so special is that it runs 100% web-based. There is no need to pre-install any software or app. This applies to both you and your calling customers or technicians. You can get started right away!

The advantages are obvious…

In summary, with EmergencyEye technology you increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

As a development partner of COREVAS, we can unreservedly recommend the use of EmergencyEye in the medtech industry. For direct contact to COREVAS and detailed information about the product, please contact us or visit:

Transparency when it counts – EmergencyEye for digital support of emergency communication.

Swiss Post is already successfully using EmergencyEye technology in its service. You can be next!

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